The ONLY platform you need to keep your business on track

Start better collaboration within teams & across your company

CUSTOMIZATIONEnsure Flawless Project Execution

Built to keep your projects in line, organized and accessible.

Engage & Support Customers

Attract, engage and convert customers by sending them in-app emails and push notifications, as you provide continued support with an integrated help desk.

Unlimited Projects

Keep the workflow smooth by creating as many projects as needed and connect as many users as required to work on various tasks while keeping track in real-time.

Personalized Feed

Get the latest updates on all the projects and client conversations you are marked or tagged on with real-time notifications on your dashboard, so you never miss a beat.

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Over 500 GB Storage Space

Don't fret about low storage space and store all-important business data on our secure servers without worrying about more storage space to manage more clients.

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Company HQ

Keep everything organized by having everything on a single unified platform. DinoCamp supports teams of all sizes. Zero catch. Zero hassle. 100% Secure.

Remote Accessibility

Out of office? Don’t let working remotely slow you down. Smoothly schedule projects, track assignments and stay connected to clients in a more organized manner.

PRODUCTIVITYImprove Sales Team Productivity

Manage leads and close better deals with sales process automation.

Lead Management

Automate lead generation from multiple sources like chats, email and websites, on a single platform to gain a complete view of the sales funnel and close deals faster.

Deal Management

Gain the capability to review your deal pipeline to gain complete hold of all your deals in progress without worrying about losing out on valuable customers.

Contact Management

Manage prospecting customers better by keeping track of your interactions, communicating effectively, and turning every lead into a loyal customer.

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Account Management

With an integrated approach, you gain complete customer account details on a single platform to greatly improve your relationships with customers.

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Sales Forecast

Based on past and current sales lead data, gain an accelerated sales forecast that is realistic, target-based and enables you to run profitable campaigns.

Reports & Insights

Forget spreadsheet and get a better outlook on your team’s performance and lead generation with customizable filters and reporting features.

COMMUNICATIONBoost Real-time Team Collaboration

Facilitate communication across the board without missing a beat.

Centralized CRM

Share sales insights on the go and stay in the loop with real-time feeds that enable teams to stay connected and updated regarding projects, clients and work processes.

One-On-One Chats

Our integrated chat tool enables you to stay connected to your clients, answer their questions and sort their queries in real-time while keeping the team on the same page.

Automated Updates

Get notified for (almost) everything. From new projects to client’s response, changes to contact, and everything in between – get automated notifications for it all.

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Upselling & Cross-selling

Drive more revenue by keeping track of your customers’ purchase journey, retarget clients and draw their attention to other products by sending promotional messages.

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Activity Reporting

Access reports that provide a real-time view of the new and on-going orders, giving you a breakdown of sales made yesterday and today along with future sales forecast.

Profile Growth

Each individual sales agent can view their monthly and yearly performance in a visually appealing graphical view which is broken down in detail for performance comparison.

into Business

Get measurable metrics of company performance against goals

Customizable Reports

Filter out data, customize groups, review measurable results, reveal bottlenecks for your team and discover winning patterns with visually appeals reports.

Set & Track Goals

Easily set and track goals for users, teams and the company in real-time through your dashboard and generate easy-to-read reports to measure goal attainment.

Create Custom Fields

DinoCamp enables you to easily collect sales data for individuals, teams and across the company so you can track performance and predict future goals.

Streamline Business Processes

Spend less time on mundane tasks and more time focusing on creating connections that scale your business with our user-centric platform features.

Improved Communication

DinoCamp is designed as a collaborative space for teams, businesses and stakeholders. You control the privacy and align teams that work together to make work less stressful.